Laundries Make Money

The laundry service business is rapidly growing in Myanmar. People does not want to launder dirty clothes, instead they like to earn money or relax. Retail laundry business is highly profitable and profit margin can be reached up to 30% if it can be established systematically and run fluently. Laundering various clothes of different people is not an easy operation and it need to be precise by running step by step procedures such as tagging, separating, cleaning dirt, washing, drying, ironing, folding. There are more stages if provided door to door pickup and delivery services.

Business Model

Dhobi Laundry focus on the pure retail laundry sector that people need everyday by adding a door to door pickup and delivery value. Our core idea is combing “On-demand door-to-door pickup and delivery” and “Receiving and Delivering Laundry in Shops”.

“On-demand door-to-door pickup and delivery”

  1. Customer Call for Pickup Laundry.
  2. Pickup happens during 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. Laundering clothes.
  4. Delivering clothes during 24 hours after finished.

“Receiving and Delivering Laundry in Shops”

  1. Customer come to shop and shop receive laundry.
  2. Laundering clothes.
  3. Delivering clothes when customer come again to get clean laundry back.
Franchising Model

We provide ready-made laundry business solution including training for laundry business knowledge and skills, laundry shop setup, laundry detergent formula and its production training, staff recruitment and development training. We do not provide place. Franchisee must provide place to run a laundry shop. The costs for franchised Dhobi Laundry are Initial Business setup fee and very small amount of Monthly Fee.



Reach us via phone for more detail information about franchising. If you want to setup your laundry business yourself and in case you want to cooperate with us using Dhobi Laundry Brand, you can negotiate with us please just contact us, we can discuss win-win situation.

Contact Person: Ko Aung Kyaw Minn – 09 50 80 688 / /